Northwest Indigenous Council


Off-Reserve First Nations, Inuit & Métis Peoples

Did you know 78% of Indigenous Peoples live off-reserve

Estimated 1,000,000Indigenous population growth by 2036

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About the Northwest Indigenous Council

The Northwest Indigenous Council looks to connect to the process of self –determination and Indigenous Nation building and works with Indigenous Nations by respecting the territories in which they live.

The Northwest Indigenous Council uses the Social Determinants of Health lens as we seek systems change from segregated silos and a competitive relationship model and supports a placed based model of working in partnership with neighbourhood organizations to provide affective and relevant services to Indigenous citizens living off–reserve.

We have the power to impact our FUTUREand we're doing something about it

Current Projects and Events

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Indigenous Skills and Employment Training

The Indigenous Skills & Employment Training (ISET) program is designed to help Indigenous Peoples prepare for, and find quality high-demand jobs and careers. The program is focused on serving non-Status Indigenous peoples, Métis, and Southern Inuit, living off reserve in urban, rural and remote areas throughout British Columbia.

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Youth Media Contest

The NWIC Urban Indigenous Youth Media Contest is your platform to express your experiences, challenges, triumphs, and dreams. It is one of the many ways that NWIC works towards our ongoing commitment of empowering Indigenous youth, fostering understanding and respect in our diverse urban communities, and advocating for BC’s off-reserve and urban Indigenous Peoples.


Urban Indigenous Self-Determination Symposium

November 23rd and 24th

The purpose of the Symposium is to deepen the dialogue within urban Indigenous communities, First Nations, and governments about implementing the right to self-determination in an urban context. 

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Why you should join

The Northwest Indigenous Council is an organization where you can work alongside other urban and rural Indigenous peoples to ensure you have a legitimized voice and a place at the table to ensure your rights and aspirations are brought to important discussion in your neighbourhoods, cities, villages and the evolving Nation to Nation discourse.

The Northwest Indigenous Council’s governance includes an Annual General Meeting that takes place typically in January or February where all are welcome.

As a young organization, the Northwest Indigenous Council has a volunteer working board with little operational funding. The Board of Directors is elected by, and accountable to, the organization’s membership.

The Northwest Indigenous Council hosts quarterly Board of Director meetings to identify priorities and develop a strategy moving forward on numerous key issues impacting the people the Northwest Indigenous Council seeks to advocate for.