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NWIC Constitution

The purposes of the Society are: To enhance, promote, protect and foster the social, economic, educational, cultural, health,
wellbeing and rights of Aboriginal people (defined by Section 35 of the Constitution Act; 1982) within the Province of British Columbia.

1. To embrace and promote the spirit and intent of the 46 Articles contained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous People;

2. To promote “reconciliation” through collaboration, inclusion and placed based strategies that ensure that the experiences and
aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in British Columbia are essential components in building a successful shared future and positive relationships between Aboriginal peoples and other cultural groups in British Columbia‘s communities;

3. To support the just resolution of land claims and Aboriginal rights in British Columbia;

4. To strive to provide opportunities to advance the levels of education, training, and economic opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples;

5. To promote the development of Canadian Natural Resources in a manner that respects Aboriginal rights and benefits First Nations,
Métis, and Inuit communities

6. To help organize and unite Aboriginal Peoples for the purpose of creating a voice for urban and off reserve Aboriginal Peoples in
British Columbia with all levels of government — including municipal, provincial, and federal governments — in order to ensure their interests are promoted and protected;

7. To strive to build a unified voice on core issues impacting Aboriginal Peoples with all levels of government in the areas of housing,
education, justice, health, social services, environment, and conservation in British Columbia

8. To carry out programs consistent with those of a charitable organization for the advancement of improved health, education, cultural inclusion, and economic wellbeing among the Aboriginal Peoples in British Columbia.

NWIC Regions

NWIC’s membership is structured using a regional representative system based on the BC First Nations Health Authority regions: Interior, Fraser, Vancouver Coastal, Vancouver Island, and Northern.