NWIC Champions self-determination and collaborative nation building

Empowering Indigenous Nations through Respect for Territories and a Place-Based Model

The Northwest Indigenous Council, a trailblazer in Indigenous empowerment, is taking significant strides towards fostering self-determination and advancing Indigenous Nation building. With an unwavering commitment to respecting Indigenous territories, the council is championing a collaborative approach to effecting change.

Respecting Territories for Self-Determination

The Northwest Indigenous Council firmly believes in the crucial connection between self-determination and a respectful acknowledgment of Indigenous territories. By recognizing and honoring the lands on which Indigenous Nations reside, the council aims to strengthen the foundation for self-governance and autonomy.

Social Determinants of Health Lens: Breaking Down Silos

At the core of the council’s mission is the adoption of a Social Determinants of Health lens. Departing from traditional segregated silos and competitive relationship models, the council is pioneering a transformative journey toward systems change. This approach aims to create a more holistic understanding of the interconnected factors influencing Indigenous well-being.

A Place-Based Model: Collaborative Partnership for Off-Reserve Indigenous Citizens

One of the council’s groundbreaking initiatives involves advocating for a place-based model. Instead of isolated service delivery, the council seeks collaborative partnerships with neighborhood organizations. This innovative approach ensures that services provided to Indigenous citizens living off-reserve are not only effective but also culturally relevant.

From the Northwest Indigenous Council Leadership:

“Our commitment to Indigenous self-determination goes hand in hand with our respect for the territories our Nations call home. It’s a fundamental principle that guides our work towards building stronger, more empowered Indigenous communities.”

“We are embracing a new paradigm by adopting a Social Determinants of Health lens. This approach allows us to break down silos and create a more interconnected and supportive environment for Indigenous well-being.”

“The place-based model is about collaboration and relevance. By partnering with neighborhood organizations, we ensure that the services we provide are not only effective but also deeply rooted in the cultural context of our off-reserve Indigenous citizens.”

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